Tiffanny Hernaez

Software Developer

About Me

About Me

  • Name: Tiffanny Hernaez
  • Contact: tiffannyhernaez@gmail.com

Coding Languges


Work experiences

C++/C 30%
Python 60%
SQL 90%
My Resume

My Resume


Currently, I am an Associate Software Engineer at Mattel, Inc. My inspiration to be a engineer is my love for the idea of simultaneously developing and problem solving solutions that can automate tasks. With the guidance of my peers and mentors, I built up my technical experience from my time in Mattel, Amazon and Caltrans. In my free time, I love to play video games, watch movies, build Gunpla and build PCs.

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” – Winnie the Pooh


California State University Fullerton

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Professional Experience

Mattel, Inc

Associate Software Engineer

Jan 2022 - Present

  • Programmed in Golang to optimize efficiency in cloud platform server infrastructure by 20% by developing and maintaining quality code that vastly enhanced the end user experience
  • Developed an efficient tool to cut down 30% of time spent maintaining Virtual Characters service through automation
  • Facilitated a proof of concept that decreased 50% of the workload of a 3rd party vendor by researching and developing a backend service with an open source game server framework
  • Created a system to streamline over a thousand user data transformations within Mattel Connected Products Platform’s relational database structure due to a deprecated system that is no longer supported
  • Monitored and maintained multiple 24/7 live services by performing audits throughout the day to guarantee 99.9% uptime
  • Performed deployment of code changes through the integration pipeline with the use of Gitlab CI/Jenkins and Terraform

Software Engineer Intern

Jun 2021 - Jan 2022

  • Decreased 40% of the team’s workload by commencing groundwork in research and generated code by utilizing the go-swagger tool to set up a new Artificial Intelligence of Things platform
  • Leveraged Jira to conceptualize features/bugs into Jira tickets along with maintaining and enhancing documentations within Confluence
  • Enhanced PostgreSQL relational database to amplify tables by incorporating customizability with the use of tern, mage, and gnorm
  • Empowered intern collaborations and led the process of designing a new toy concept by fostering partnerships across different departmentss
  • Amazon

    IT Engineer Intern

    Jun 2020 - Aug 2020

    • Performed numerous supervised Change Management procedures that updated the network firmware and helped maintained the main distribution frame
    • Monitored and maintained the IDFs (Intermediate Distribution Frame) by doing repeated checks throughout the day to ensure 99.9% uptime
    • Increased efficiency by 60% by improving ticket creation and data accuracy by creating quicklink templates
    • Proposed a plan of action that decreased the amount of lost scanners by 10% by accurately determining the disparity between the amount of scanners on the floor versus what is available to the associates

    California State University Fullerton

    Student Assistant for Information Technology Department (Knowledge Base Articles Team)

    Mar 2019 - Jun 2020

    • Implemented a Kanban Board using Microsoft Teams to help organize the newly formed team to cut down admin time by 80%
    • Performed an audit on the school’s knowledge database on Service Now to streamline the database to relevant articles
    • Created over 100 Knowledge Base Articles to provide support to the staff and students on campus during the transition to virtual
    • Created an HTML/CSS template to be used on Knowledge Articles to cut down 50% of the time spent in creating an article

    Student Assistant for Information Technology Department (Rollout Team)

    Aug 2019 - Jun 2020

    • Performed timely support for professors/staff from all departments on campus. Support includes deploying hardware and setup, troubleshooting network issues and collecting former equipment to be e-wasted
    • Created tickets for CSUF staff on Service Now to activate the university’s secure network connection for inactive data jacks
    • Imaged over a hundred secure configurations of Windows 10 on professor and staff equipment
    • Replaced hardware (SSD, Screen, RAM, HDD) in Mac and Windows based environment to drastically increase the utility and speed of the equipment


    Student Engineer Intern for Encroachment Permits

    Aug 2017 - Jul 2019

    • Assisted engineers by inputting, processing and issuing around 3,000 permit applications from cities, contractors, electrical companies, etc
    • Assessed 15 to 20 traffic control plans, SWPP, WPCP and other plans provided by the permittees per month
    • Reviewed with Caltrans’ clients/contractors the required steps to proceed in processing their permit application
    • Wrote more than 2,000 professionally written denial letters that included reviewer comments and rules to abide by when doing the actual work

    IT Tech Volunteer

    Nov 2017 - Feb 2019

    • Created an assembly line of 20 computers to mass image configurations of Windows 7 and 10 which increased the imaging process by 80%
    • Deployed equipment to over a hundred government workers and provide aid on equipment set up
    • Created spreadsheet inventory for equipment which cut down on misplaced hardware by 70%
    • Have an understanding on Helpdesk ticketing system, Datalink




    GitHub Repository



    GitHub Repository